We need your help!  We are in search of great/artistic farm related photos for Montgomery County.  We would like to showcase any unique farming photos in our office (barns, fields, farmers, anything farming related – historical or recent).

Please send all files via digital media to  Include date and location taken. Please forward this to others you know may be interested.

Thank you in advance!!


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Deadline to Apply is November 20, 2020

long vue-gr wwy

Grassed Waterway (erosion control)

NASHVILLE, October 19, 2020 – The United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is now accepting applications from Tennessee producers and landowners who are interested in implementing conservation practices to improve natural resources on their farm or forest land. Funding is available through the NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), and the deadline to apply for fiscal year 2021 funding is November 20, 2020.


Watering Facility & Heavy Use Area

“We accept applications for the EQIP program on a continuous basis, however only applications received by November 20 will be considered for funding this fiscal year,” said Tennessee NRCS State Conservationist Sheldon Hightower. “EQIP places a priority on water quality, water conservation, and promotes soil health practices by offering financial and technical assistance to address these resource concerns on eligible agricultural land.”
EQIP is an incentives program that provides financial assistance for conservation systems such as, but not limited to, animal waste management facilities, fencing, and water supply development for improved grazing management, riparian protection, and wildlife habitat enhancement.

Grade Stab. and GWW under const. 10-9-2020 (2)

Grade Stabilization & Grassed Waterway in crop field

Applications can be taken at all Tennessee NRCS offices and USDA Service Centers. To locate an office near you, please click on this link: USDA Service Center. Applications MUST be received in your local Service Center by close of business on Friday, November 20, 2020.
NRCS continually strives to put conservation planning at the forefront of its programs and initiatives. Conservation plans provide landowners with a comprehensive inventory and assessment of their resources and an appropriate start to improving the quality of soil, water, air, plants, and wildlife on their land.
To find out more about EQIP and apply, CONTACT OUR OFFICE – 931.368.0252 X 3 OR visit

Helping People Help the Land
USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider, Employer and Lender.

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Master Farm Manager Schedule

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Ttaephe Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP) applications are available. The annual application period is October 1-7, 2020.

Application A features livestock equipment, genetics, hay storage, herd health, livestock solutions, working facility structures, dairy solutions, and row crop solutions programs.

Application B (Producer Diversification) features opportunities for agritourism, fruits and vegetables, honey bees, horticulture, organics, and value-added products producers.

Application C (Poultry Grower) is available for commercial poultry growers.

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RSVP NOW for Pasture Walk & Workshop!


BIG SPRING FARM’s Annual Pasture Walk & Workshop
October 16th, 10 AM-3 PM


$20.00 – Farm to Table lunch will be provided – Pay at lunch3

This year we’ll discuss:

-stockpiling pastures
-seeding pastures
-feeding hay
-rationing grass
-fly control
-pigs on pasture
-rotating cattle and sheep as a flerd
-corral design
-managing wool sheep
-fencing demonstration
-and your questions and concerns


A letter from Greg Brann, the host:
“This fall has seen great growing conditions on my place and I believe it’s the same all over the east. 
This is the most important time of the year to grow forage stockpile for winter and then ration it out.  The easiest way I know to do this is to feed hay now on a limited acreage to allow the rest of the pastures to grow grass while we have perfect grass growing weather.  I know this seems to go against the grain of conventional wisdom but you can grow at least twice as much grass now!
Feed your animals on the 10% of pasture acreage that needs fertility or where weeds need stomping and remember to move the hay every time you feed.  I prefer to bale graze in the fall rather than unrolling hay because they don’t always clean it up fast enough when it’s unrolled.  Another option, if you already have lots of grass, is to keep rotating and only graze the top third of grass.  Daily moves will be needed to make this work.  

A lot of folks don’t apply any N and have good results. Remember, every 1% Organic Matter releases 25 pounds of N per year, legumes also release N.

The standard recommendation is to

– stockpile one acre or more per cow by grazing or clipping prior to early September
– apply up to 60 pounds of nitrogen (N)
– stay off it till Thanksgiving
– ration the grass
The main reason to clip or graze first is to remove warm season competition and weeds to get fresh regrowth.  If you have standing desirable grass now, by all means don’t clip it, just graze it earlier than other pastures. 

Grass with good growing conditions and fertility will grow around 20 pounds per day.  When you take into consideration what they actually consume, an acre per cow will last about 32 days but if you already had standing growth it will last much longer. 

Happy Fall Grazing.”
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