This year the Cooperative Extension’s Small Farms Expo will be held at the Agricultural Complex at 2904 John A Merritt Blvd, Nashville, TN, 37209 on SEPTEMBER 4, 2019!  It will be a host of great topics, tips and information for small farmers!  Conferences, field tours and educational workshops are just a few of the items they will offer.  Go here for a more detailed agenda – Registration is free!  Get connected!smllfms

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Apply NOW for Assistance on Cover Crops!

Now is the time to apply for cost-share assistance on cover crops for the FALL 2019 SEASON.  Preliminary site visits to determine eligibility will need to be made, so the applications need to be submitted fairly soon to allow time for scheduling visits.


The applications are funded on a 1st come, 1st serve basis and funds are limited, so the early bird will have a better chance in getting the bird seed cost-shared.

The practice standards for cover crops go into more depth about requirements, see below for the guidelines on cover crops.

  • Visit office to submit application
  • site visits to determine eligibility
  • applicant receives notification that application is approved
  • cover crop is sown by broadcasting, drilling or flying on between 8/15 & 10/15
  • applicant submits invoices for seed, with species & lbs to SCD office
  • site visits to certify right seed/place/time
  • payment application is generated & applicant receives a check for eligible expenses

Cover crops shall be aerially seeded or drilled into existing residue.
Incentive payments for cover crops shall not exceed 75% of the project cost (including specialized equipment costs). Cooperators sowing cover crops will be eligible to receive $25 per acre for planting two or more species (of their own choosing), or $35 per acre for planting an official NRCS “soil health mix”. They will be paid an incentive of the appropriate rate above or 75% of their total bills, whichever is less. Harvesting, haying or grazing will be allowed on custom-mixed cover crop practices, after April 1st. Acreage sowed with an official NRCS “soil health mix” must follow NRCS specifications as it pertains to harvesting and/or grazing the cover crop. Seeding rates and dates for custom-mixed cover crops can be either that specified in the NRCS Conservation Plan or in accordance with the University of Tennessee Publication PB 378. Seeding rates and dates for official NRCS “soil health mixes” must adhere to NRCS specifications.

If you have any questions, you may contact our office (931.368.0252 x 3) or nancyl.holt@usda.gov – this cost share is available in many counties.  Feel free to share to anyone that might be interested.

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Cheatham District – No-Till Drill For Sale

2015 10 ft – Haybuster 1006NT – No Till Drill For Sale

2,200 acres – bids start at $5,000

See the Cheatham County SCD Website for the bid form!new-no-till-drill.jpg

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COMING UP: NEW funding opportunities for conservation smart practices!

Landowners and operators may now sign up for assistance on the following practices under the newly announced Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP):

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan
Drainage Water Management Plan
Integrated Pest Management Herbicide Resistant Weed Plan
Integrated Pest Management Plan
Irrigation Water Management Plan
Nutrient Management Plan
Conservation Cover
Cover Crop
Critical Area Planting
Field Border
Grade Stabilization Structure
Grassed Waterway
Herbaceous Weed Control
Integrated Pest Management
Irrigation Water Management
Lined Waterway or Outlet
Nutrient Management
Residue and Tillage Management, No-Till
Riparian Forest Buffer
Riparian Herbaceous Cover
Structure for Water Control
Subsurface Drain
Underground Outlet
Water and Sediment Control Basin



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Agricultural Resources Conservation Fund Program Sign up

DSCN0925cover-crops-hays-2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ARCF provides cost share assistance to Tennessee landowners to install Best Management Practices (BMPs) for conservation work on farms for the purpose of soil and water quality.

Landowners/operators may sign up for assistance for a wide range of practices including, but not limited to:

Grassed waterways
Alternative watering systems
Cover crops
Stream crossings
Heavy use areas
Cross & exclusion fencing
Riparian buffer strips
Grade stabilization structures
Nutrient management
Forestry management plans
Streambank stabilization

Without prOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAoper erosion and sedimentation control, soils can be lost from croplands and reduce future productivity.  Soils carried from fields in runoffs can also degrade streams and other receiving waters.  Approved applications will receive 75-85% assistance for the installation of conservation smart practices!

More information–
Nancy Holt
931-368-0252 x 3


The programs and services of the Soil Conservation District offered are available on a nondiscriminatory basis without regard to race, color, national, origin, age, sex religion, marital status, or handicap.


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USDA – Farm Service Agency accepting applications for Montgomery Co. Committee


2019 Election Outreach Packet (003)2019 Election Outreach Packet (003)_Page_3

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If you are interested in getting a contract to grow INDIGO (farmers and greenhouse producers), You should plan to attend


July 19, 2019 from 9:00 am to 11:00

at 5029 Hugh Woodard Road, Springfield, TN  37172


  • New growers start with 10-20 acres of transplant production in 2020
  • Growers must have transplant equipment and capabilities to scale up to a minimum of 50-60 acres in 2021 and beyond.
  • Growers should be within a 50-mile radius of Springfield, TN


RSVP:  Call Jeremiah on his cell phone at 765-427-0488 with Stony Creek Colors; or email Jeremiah@stonycreekcolors.com


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