Farmers encouraged to keep the stubble during no-till November

110120224_originalThe Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in cooperation with the Montgomery Co. Soil & Water Conservation District, is encouraging farmers to keep the tillage equipment in the machine shed during No-Till November.

  • First launched in 2017, the NRCS project is a conservation twist on the national cancer awareness No-Shave November campaign that encourages people not to shave during the entire month.
  • The NRCS campaign encourages farmers to “keep the stubble” on their harvested crops fields and give their farm a more rugged, natural look. The campaign has reached more than two million people nationally through Twitter and local media since 2017.
  • Leave the tillage equipment parked in the shed this fall. Consider the benefits of no till, which is a way of growing crops or pasture from year to year with minimal soil disturbance.
  • Soil is like the skin of the farm: it’s a nourishing barrier for what grows above and beneath. But whereas a shaving razor stops at the surface of the skin, tillage rips into the soil and can inflict harm.
  • No till improves soil health by not disturbing soil microbiology. Beneficial soil microbes are essential for growing food, fiber and fuel.
  • Repeated tillage undermines soil structure and reduces aggregate stability; it breaks down organic matter and releases carbon stored in the soil.
  • No till is a key climate-smart farming practice, helping healthy soil store more carbon sequestered from the atmosphere to mitigate climate change.
  • No till improves the soil’s water holding capacity and keeps soils in place, preventing harmful runoff and erosion.
  • Still not convinced to #keepthestubble? No till saves time, money (fuel) and wear on equipment. It’s an economically-sound choice.

Please visit the new NRCS Tennessee website here for more information about soil health, no till, and other conservation concerns.  For conservation practices that address soil health and water quality, please contact our office, 931-368-0252 x 3.

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